Study in Moldova

About Moldova

Moldova is the UK’s top place to study; it has excellent institutes for education.

Private and public universities, institutes and academies provide higher education in Moldova. There are number of quality universities and big opportunities for job and career. Moldova is a tourist place; People come there in the vacations every year. People’s living standard is very high in Moldova. It is known as a land of ideas.

Study in Moldova for Indian Students

I f you decide to go Moldova for studies so this is best decision by you. Scholarships are available more than 158 for Indian Students in Moldova. There is world’s Top Technical Universities & Hospitality University and MBA Programs. German Universities offer courses in Medicine, Law, English, German, and various other disciplines. Academic freedom is one of the main characteristics of the German university system and is one of the reasons why public universities in Moldova don’t charge any fee.

Benefits of studying in Moldova

Higher education is provided by Universities and Institutes in Moldova. There are eighteen universities in Moldova which provide quality education to the customer.

Best Academic Courses in Moldova

  1. MSW – Advanced studies in social work and social expertise
  2. Master in Economics Banking Administration
  3. Master of Maintenance and Management of Telecommunication Network
  4. Psychology and Social Work
  5. Master in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  6. Master in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling
  7. Master in Diplomacy, Security, Business and Communication
  8. Master in Educational Management
  9. Master in Foreign Languages Applied in Tourism and International Trade

 List of Universities & Colleges in Moldova

  1. Alecu Russo State University of Bălți
  2. Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu State University
  3. Moldova State University
  4. Technical University of Moldova
  5. Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
  6. University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
  7. Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  8. State Agrarian University of Moldova
  9. Ion Creangă State Pedagogical University
  10. Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts
  11. National Institute of Physical Education and Sport
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