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How to Start an Overseas Recruitment Agency in India

India’s vast population makes it the ideal country for starting up a recruitment agency, and overseas recruitment agencies in India are always needed. With such a large pool of talent to draw from the prospects of launching such an endeavor are fantastic indeed. So let’s take a look at some of the rule involved in starting an overseas recruitment agency in India.

Business Constitution

Normally it is necessary for an overseas recruitment agency to have a binding contract with the companies they are hired by to supply a certain amount of manpower, and they will also have a contract with the individuals who are looking for employment to provide chances for them to work. Furthermore, overseas recruitment agencies in India, it makes the most sense for these agencies to start out as a company or else a Limited Liability Partnership.

Besides limited liability, this arrangement also provides easier access to credit, which is very beneficial to the new business. Promoting the business is shielded from unexpected liability claims due to the business.

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