Study MBBS in Russia

Please find below the main steps of the Admission process:

1. Send us your documents:

– copy of international passport (valid not
less than 2 years)

– school certificate

2. We
prepare Admission Confirmation Letter for student and send it to
you. The preparation of Admission Letter takes 1-3 working

3. Payment for the invitation letter in the amount of 200 USD. Duration of the issuance process is about 40-45 days for any Russian University. Please note that Invitation Letter cannot be released earlier than 1 months before the start of classes

4. Once a student receives an Original
Invitation letter, he/she should go with it to the Russian Embassy/Consulate to apply for a study visa. On the basis of the invitation letter he/she will not face any problems in getting a visa. Note that Russian visas are very simple to obtain.

5. Full first year expenses student should
transfer before or after getting a visa, but before arrival in
Russia, as Customs checks the payment receipt at the airport, in case of its absence student will be deported to his/her home country.

6. On arrival University will receive students from the Airport, accompany them to the University, register in the hostel and do all the necessary documentation process. We provide a supervisor for each student to take care of all the issues student might face till graduation.

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