Study in Malta International Students

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience! It gives you a chance not only to learn and
explore a new educational system, but it also lets you discover its culture, traditions,
customs, food, etc. Thus, if you also dreamt of studying abroad and are looking for an
affordable studying abroad destination, then Malta is one such country you might be
searching for!
It is a fast-growing island that boasts some of the best universities and institutes that host
students from different parts of the world, including the UK, USA, India, and Canada. More
than 600 international students and 500 exchange and transfer students visit Malta to
pursue their higher education every year. Students can enroll themselves in different part-
time or full-time study programs that include:
 Law
 Management
 Engineering
 Arts
 Science and Technology
 Health Sciences
 Economics
 Education
Most of the institutes and universities in Malta also provide 50% scholarship to International
students who have shown outstanding academic performance. Furthermore, the cost of
living on this small southern European island is economical. Students can explore the
natural beauty, beaches, clubs, and historic churches in their free time. However, when it
comes to career prospects, this small island offers limitless career opportunities.
Study in Malta International Students – Acceptability of Student Visas
Malta straightforwardly accepts the student visa of international students, who meet the
eligibility requirements and satisfies the security clearance. However, if you belong to
countries like the EU or the US, there’s no need for a visa if you study for less than three
On the other hand, you are required to submit some documents such as a valid travel
document, proof of medical insurance, and two passport-size photographs along with other
essential credentials if you wish to stay for a longer duration.

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